I'm a digital artist creating photo collages of urban environments. I recreate landscapes in a surrealist point of view, only using original photographs & photoshop.
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Life’s journey is about attaining the idea of wholeness and perfection. We are constantly trying to reach the top and always wanting more, however we can never achieve absolute perfection. We must accept the good with the bad; that there is no one perfect thing. The quest for happiness and the feeling of being whole relies in oneself. While we constantly try to fill the void to feel whole, we must stay clear on our paths and avoid the distractions that life throws our way. Once we realize the gifts we already have, and keep a calm clear mind, only then will we reach true "perfection". My works represent life’s journey; the need to feel whole, the good with the bad; they are reflection of life itself. 

Soria’s vibrant digital collages offset his own photography with a heavy dose of Photoshop, creating overwhelming cityscapes that speak to our never-ending search of perfection. While the skyscrapers and pawn shops found in his work may have a cartoonish quality, they attempt to reflect a very real longing on the part of the city’s unseen inhabitants. Soria’s skylines and underpasses overflow and use the cityscape as a stand-in for the individual in constructing a metaphor for our desire to fill the holes we see within ourselves.

- Juxtapoz magazine