Welcome to the Neighborhood

An ongoing art series depicting neighborhoods in the form of pop surreal cityscapes

Welcome to the Neighborhood  |  LA

Los Angeles is complex & vibrant city made up of multiple unique neighborhoods. "Welcome to the Neighborhood," will expose LA's one-of-a-kind world in the form of fifteen surreal cityscapes. Behind all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood lies a truly historic city. These artworks, aim to preserve Los Angeles today, and recapture its spirit for generations to come.

What is a pop surrealism cityscape? 

Known as the cross between "Pop art" & "Surrealism",  these artworks adapt its sense of humor and abstract imagery in the form of these seamless composites. Through the process of digital collage (Think of it as fitting together the pieces of a puzzle), these artworks are created in photoshop using original images.